About me

My actual center of interest is Warsaw / Poland / eastern Europe. I’m a psychologist specializing in quality assurance and usability, working as test manager in large multinational company.

Zenith EM + Helios 58 f/2 was my first camera. Unfortunately undiscovered for a lot of time. Later I shot with some other russian film cameras. I bought first Canon during my studies. Now I shoot with Nikon system (professional use) or micro4/3 (private use). Still have my first Zenith :)

shot by Enri Santee

I work with Adobe Design & Web Premium CS6 and Adobe Lightroom 4. Those two give me flexibility and control over projects I go through. Additionally, I like to play with free Hugin in panorama creations :)

shot by myself :)

I was running a blog for some time but I quit, I had no time for it. Will get back to blogging someday. Probably :)

shot by Adam Marczak